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James Meadowcroft



ServDes2020 Website

The ServDes2020 conference was originally organised to be held in Winter 2020, which sadly came to be impossible due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne. The Service Design Melbourne team contacted Amici to ask us to assist in a website to accomodate the new iteration of the conference — solely online, not in-person. The conference was held in Feb this year over 4 days, and hosted over 200 live events and speakers.

This website has a custom user system allowing ticket holders to create an account and access the conference and resources.

Something we were really grateful to learn more about was website accessibility, especially for users with vision impairment. Working alongside Vision Australia was an honour and reminded us of the importance of accessibility in graphic design.

Designed in collaboration with Selena Repanis and Liz Luby (Amici).

Visit the live site here